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My filmmaking journey sparked in the summer of 2019, while I was volunteering for Habitat for Humanity to make affordable homes for low-income families.

Although people usually don't see construction sites as the most ideal location to build relationships, I used this opportunity to meet people, learn from the experience of seniors, and form a film crew with two other volunteers. Since then, we have established a creative studio making short films, podcasts,  and YouTube content. 

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  • A short documentary on homeownership in association with Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity                                                      

Film Description:

Title: Make This Place Your Home

Duration: 3 months  (Production Concluded Aug 2019)

Recognition: AIA Film Challenge Finalist Award

Teammates: Sarah Paschal and Michael Merto

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that constructs and renovates single-family houses for low-income families who have applied for them. During the summer of 2019, Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity worked actively on the rehabilitation of 6 homes in West Cleveland, Ohio. This film explores the “American Dream” of owning a home and how some Clevelanders could not achieve such dreams for generations. The story is narrated through multiple perspectives of Habitat for Humanity’s staff, volunteers and partner families. Sam and Peter, a construction crew and an architect volunteers respectively, talk us through the challenges they face and also the rewarding aspects of the time they donate for Habitat’s cause. Chelice, a prospective homeowner, and her mom share their experiences of becoming part of the Habitat for Humanity family and their hopes for the future.

  • A short documentary on homelessness in association with Northeast Ohio Coalition for Homeless (NEOCH)

Film Description:

Title: Street Chronicles

Duration: 1 month (Production Concluded January 2020)

Festival: Cleveland International Film Festival

Teammates: Sarah Paschal and Michael Merto

Homeless doesn’t mean voiceless. In cities across the Midwest, homeless people give themselves a voice through street newspapers.

Documentary Films

We have produced more than 13 podcasts episodes  focusing on social issues and our passions around films and food !

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  • Featured Podcasts

Cooking Show

Sparked in the middle of pandemic, Monkey Pie Labs crew started a new thing : a cooking show focusing on international dishes inspired by our very own cultures: Persian, Korean, Italian and Filipino.

  • Featured Recipes

  • Featured Edits ( I had tones of fun editing these videos with Adobe Premiere!!)

Cooking Show
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