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A diverse team with a great vision. 

Our team consists of more than a dozen passionate individuals majoring in Architecture, Architectural  Engineering, Energy Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science, and Environmental Engineering. 

Our team, the Full Circle, has partnered with Ferguson Township and the Centre County Housing and Land Trust (CCHLT) to design a set of attached single-family homes that will mix moderate-income and workforce housing at the Turnberry Development located two miles northwest of Penn State’s campus. 

A focus for the team was professional and community engagement. By working with a site and project so close to the University, the students were able to engage and interact with members of the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors, members of the local non-profit Centre County Housing and Land Trust worked with Rachel Fawcett (Executive Director of (CCHLT), experienced builders, architects, and engineers, and community members around the area. The teamCCHLT), and Peter Buckland (Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors, Vice Chairman) to find the development, choose a housing type, determine design constraints and energy guidelines, and establish approximate housing costs.

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