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F[ACE]Spider : UI design for a facial recognition App

F[ACE]Spider : UI design for a facial recognition App

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Project Description:

This project is the first UI design that I have ever done and it was for an online competetion by MindSumo. The task was to design an interface for a technical system admin who was testing out the flow/accuracy of this facial recognition algorithm. It was designed specifically for desktop dashboard concept screen .


Project Requirements:

The desktop screens should enable the user to: 

  • See results

  • Review whether there is a face match

  • View cropped, zoomed photo with facial-nodes next to matched database photo

  • Improve the system and train the algorithm

  • Adjust or add bounding boxes, adjust or add facial nodes

  • Tell the algorithm when it is wrong (e.g. for use case B above, user could be presented with top 5 matches and % probability for each to select which is best).

  • Manage the application

  • Add, remove, and review entries from the reference database

  • Search the database and see recognition statistics about the face on the video (specific score with face detected on the screen)

  • Review video recordings related to specific face recognition events (rewind, playback, etc.)

  • Adjust settings such as: thresholds for flagging matches in live video etc. (for use case B)

The color scheme for the company's business is red, white, and blue.

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